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Let’s talk about design.


We are a design + build residential outdoor construction company. It all starts with a design and a plan.

2D Designs

It all starts here. Let’s get creative!

3D Designs

Elevate your design with 3D perspective.

Design Center

Visit our showroom to explore materials.


  • Pool and spa
  • Water features
  • Calming sounds
  • Visual elements


  • Hardscape areas
  • Planting and gardens
  • Accent lighting
  • Outdoor living


  • Covered spaces
  • Decking and fencing
  • Creative wood elements
  • Living structures


  • Sport surfaces
  • Cooking areas
  • Relaxing spaces
  • Enjoyment for all

Project communication all in one place. Welcome to your Client Portal.

Royal Stone: Client Portal

We developed our Client Portal app to provide you with a secure and unified digital workspace to connect you with our team of professionals. In the portal, we will be able to collaborate with you through messaging, digital signatures, video meetings, approvals, document workflows, task management, and more.

The Client Portal can easily be accessed on your mobile device or web browser for convenience. This will be the primary platform to communicate with us.

We strive to provide you with a beautiful outdoor space and a great modern interaction experience along the way.

We work with trusted manufacturers to bring your project to life.